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I just got this free offer to bring my family to Bunny Park or Zoo lake to join Gauteng Easter Egg Hunting Party. The party is hosted by local charities, sponsored by Checkers, Spar and Dischem.Wow! Finally!

While I am not sure what kind of basket we are going t bring with, I think we have to hem… We had only one picnic basket at home, maybe too big for my little Monkey to carry. I am wondering where I can buy a proper cheap basket to go with. Maybe try the Chinese market this weekend.

This party said they are selling craft basket, wonder if they are too expensive. We all are coming…

Anyway, if you have idea to find a proper Easter Egg Hunting Basket, let me know.

I think the egg hunting is going to be fun, my little money is excited to go his first Easter Egg Hunting…

We are looking forward to informing more friends to go with, if that is Ok.

By the way, you can receive their invitation if you request (it is completely free) at Free Easter Egg Hunting

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Let us calculate and compare how much Gauteng Toll cost you on your commonly used routes, with e-tag and without e-tag.

Average people who use the highways, will be charged from R400 to R800 per month.

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  • Are my bank details safe if I register with the e-tag?

E tags require you to give credit card or bank account details- like giving permission for bank account details.
Pits: The system has no proven history of being able to handle this administrative process.
Falls: There has also been no public disclosure of the systems that will be used to ensure data security and integrity.

  • What if someone fake my number plate illegally?

Pits: Estimates are that 10 - 20% of number plates are illegal.
Falls: If someone is illegally using a licence plate registered under your name, then you will be charged for it. As it stands, there has been no recourse indicated to the public as to what a motorist could do in this situation.

  • What if tolling charges were wrong?

Pits: As it stands there is no apparent recourse for a motorist who is incorrectly charged.
Falls: If the motorist has an e-tag, the tolling bureaucracy will have unrestricted access to debit your account, and mistakes are inevitable. It is entirely conceivable that, just as with the municipal billing crisis in Johannesburg, motorists may find themselves charged huge amounts of money and no way to claim the money back.

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Sanral warned us that we do not pay their toll fees, will not be able to renew our car licence discs.

Sanral also said we would not be fined or get de-merit points for not paying toll fees. So can we enjoy more free rides then?

Our licence discs would not be renewed if toll fees and related administration costs were not paid.

Sanral sid they will improve the system to insure motorists did not attempt to cheat the toll system with fake number plates. Will they?

Sean Murphy:
"It is not compulsory to obtain an e-tag. SANRAL must send me an account if they want me to pay. I also expect proof with each transaction that I used the road in question. Some people will cheat with fake plates and I believe SANRAL should be required to provide photographic proof for every toll gantry that is allegedly crossed. Otherwise how will motorists know if they are being correctly charged and how will we be able to prove mistakes on SANRAL’s part."

"It’s not compulsory to obtain an e-tag, but if you don’t, you pay 28c p/km more… their idea of an incentive to force you to buy the e-tag!"

"They can keep their flippin e-tags and send me a bill- with a photo- instead."

"Why only eToll fees. Anybody with outstanding speeding fines, or other infringements should be barred from licensing untilk all obligations are cleared. Keep it simple."

"I completely agree, I’m not buying no tag cr@p and if they dont want to give me a license disc thats fine, its easier and cheaper to bribe a metro office den to pay for this kak. they allege that the roads will be a better place to travel on, is that why the heading towards the airport has portions of tarmac missing and ditched worse then a dirt road? fats cats think they can just sit back and rob the hard working people of this country, the revolution against this should start now."

Shaun Naicker
"My guess is that this is just another scare tactic to scare the people into buying E-Tags, don’t be fooled with their stats…..if we all commit against the E-Tag we can make the difference. Don’t be a fool to buy this E-tag, make your voice heard. At the present moment you cannot control the increases on out existing tolls, so imagine the prices our children are going to pay for using the roads. "

"alli. you and your anc government has stolen enough from the TAX PAYERS!!!!  i will NOT  buy this e-tag kak.  i pay enough on petrol, taxes,  electricity, water, food."

"is it not against the LAW to prevent someone from complying with the LAW…..
It is the LAW that one should renew your car’s license.”

"Would be interesting to see how they will catch out the fake number plates! My guess is they won’t. Can’t believe there were as much as 300 000 idiots whom registered for e-tags. Just shows you…there’s a sucker born every minute!"

"What sell outs! how can we fight this if these weaklings give in like this!!!
Wish Mandela could tell the ANC how disappointed he is in their leadership and that this is not what he fought for- maybe that would have an impact on this daylight robbery scheme!!!”

"Those with e-tags condone this - simple as that, no fence sitting. As for those of us with back-bone, we will not let this rip-off happen. Bad things happen when good people do nothing - civil disorder is needed. Aarto is a dead duck in the water, so your threats are now laughable - clowns. No to tolls. No to Ali babba and his sanral."

"I do not use the ‘free ways’ so why must I get an etaggy? For the time I do drive the ‘toll free ways’ they can send me ‘n bill by registered mail for the R3.00 I owe them. I thought that a car’s licence disc is sort of a way to prove that a car is roadworthy. So if I do not register for the etaggy, my car is suddenly not roadworthy? This toll is SA’s/Gauteng’s Berlin Wall, it is going to be broken down, just by whom is the question…"

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Over 300,000 people have registered for e-tags so far. You can buy e-tags at Checkers, Pick’n Pay, Shoprite, it is about R49.95. I won’t recommend you to register with any third party. The best way to register yourself online. Then you can figure out what info you would like to expose yourself to government or Sanral.

Registering for an e-toll Account can be done through:

  1. e-toll Customer Service Outlet, located at shopping malls or Gauteng e-road. You can find a outlet near you
  2. Online registration
  3. Print the Registration Form ( and fax it to 0800 SANRAL (726 725)
  4. Phone Call Centre at 0800 726 725.

Online e-tag registration Step by Step:

  • Step1: User Type: Regular, infrequent or Corporate User. Click one of those type which describe yours. Your option is Regular User.

  • Step2:Payment Methods: Credit Card, Pre-paid or Fleet Management. As an individual, I prefer Pre-paid.

  • Step3:Vehicles identification Methods: e-tags only, License Plate Numbers only, or some vehicles by e-tags and some vehicles by License Plate Numbers.

I have no more than one vehicle, so my option is limited to e-tag or License Plate Numbers. While you can decide which way you like to go with e-tag or License Plate Numbers.

If you bet those cameras on the Guateng freeways are not accurate enough, so go ahead with License Plate Numbers. As long as no paying tolling is not against the constitution law, enjoy free ride. 

  • Step4: Accept the terms and conditions.

  • Step5:Fill your Personal Info: Your details including your name, ID number and physical address.

***You need to think very careful of those info, you are going to give government/Sanral.***

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Here is a way to add something zing to your lunch. This is a fool proof and anti-theft lunch bag you need if your office is equipped with lunchs loading fridge. Guaranteed to extinguish the boring!

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Last Week Wednesday, thousands of people took to the streets across the country to show support Cosatu’ strike.

Cosatu threatened to barricade Gauteng’s highways and make the country ungovernable, if the tollgate system is executed.

However, government spokesperson Jimmy Manyi said he hoped Cosatu would stay within the law.

Manyi said government would continue with the project. Wednesday’s mass action has not changed government plans to implement the e-tolling system in Gauteng.

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Spar and SuperSpar increase the retail price, average price increase more than 25 percent for single product, we have proof. Check picture below. Click on img or here to enlarge.

Editor’s Point of View:

Why does the essential grocery price increase so much? Rice increases for 40.08%; Maize price is the worst 45.21%.

And Spar is making huge profit on our daily essential grocery. Look at the rice, Maize, Flour and Milk, how much profit Spar is making and compare with the rest listed on photo.  Is this SA?

I am thinking of eating less.

Comment from beloved reader:

GP stands for gross profit not growth percentage. It measures how much profit Spar is making on that item.

Sadly despite the screw-up OP is mostly right…those increases do look vicious. Especially the rice one…I didn’t hear anything about a 40% inc in prices on the world market so. I don’t think its increased profits either, so what else? Transport? Labour cost?

Anybody know what the last column is? It seems to correlate with basic foodstuff so I’m guessing some kind of cross subsidizing to assist the poor?

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